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 Training our talent is an essential part of Lala’s sustainability, so we support the ongoing advancement of our personnel focused on the needs of each area.

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Lala University

In 2017, we invested 46.8 million pesos in 68,799 training events, accumulating 1.4 million work hours of training for some 24,757 people.

Job Category Number
of people trained
Hours of training Average hours
of training per person
Directors/Managers 279 7,372.99 26.43
Heads/Supervisors 2,126 72,026.00 33.88
Management 2,721 85,592.71 31.46
Operations 10,731 627,643.25 58.49
Sales 8,501 603,817.40 71.03
External* 442 20035.71 45.33
Total 24,800 1,416,488.06 57.12
* Including suppliers, universities, interns, employee family members, and others

Central America

Country Participation Hours of training Average per person
Guatemala 1,780 7,364 4
El Salvador 159 349 2
Nicaragua 7,400 17,497 2
Costa Rica 264 725 3
Total 9,603 25,935 3

Performance evaluations

At Lala, we evaluate performance to detect areas of opportunity where we need to improve,
and to properly recognize our talent.

employees evaluated
Average age

Personal que recibió evaluación de desempeño

Job category Women Men
Directors/Managers 1.48% 7.60%
Heads/Supervisors 11.89% 47.98%
Management 17.22% 13.83%
Total 30.59% 69.41%

Satisfaction and commitment survey

Through Great Place to Work, we surveyed our employees about their satisfaction and commitment in order to evaluate our workplace environment.

We improved our score by 5 points over 2015

in line through Great Place to Work

Take off with Lala

We support new generations by providing them opportunities to capitalize on their strengths through the Scholarship Program, through which we recruit young people to gain early professional experience and participate in strategic projects while contributing value to the business.

In our first call for applicants we selected 34 students,
26 of which graduated in a corporate event–a retention rate of 70%.

In 2017 the program’s second generation was made up of:


60% estudiantes universidades privadas

40% estudiantes universidades públicas

The program gave us a change to begin our professional lives, the tools to develop, and a place where we can start our careers. It’s a pleasure to be part of Grupo Lala.
Investigación y Desarrollo