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One of the main reasons people prefer our products is the high standard of quality
and food safety we apply in all our processes.

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We are proud of the meticulous care with which we handle products from the start.

We have a supplier development program aligned with widely recognized and accepted global quality initiatives

It’s incredible being able to make good quality products that affect people’s lives.

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A fundamental part of Lala’s comprehensive quality system is certification
of our processing plants according to Global Food Safety Initiative
(GFSI) standards.

All our products are evaluated
throughout the production process.

In our manufacturing division, we have a complaint
rate of less than one per four million pieces produced


Our commitment to offering the highest quality products is present in every phase of the production chain;
we have checkpoints at every stage of the process.

Our milk comes from stables certified with the highest standards
of feeding and care for the dairy cows


All our ingredients and packages are checked before being accepted
and received at processing plants

All the commercial partners that supply our ingredients and packaging take part in the Supplier Development and Approval Program.

We have also made a commitment with our value chain to produce fresh milk from cows given a balanced feed and maintained in a stress-free environment equipped with hygienic milking systems.

  • 46% of our suppliers of raw materials and primary/secondary packaging in Mexico have GFSI-backed quality assurance systems
  • In the US, 100% of our suppliers of raw materials and primary/secondary packaging have GFSI-backed quality assurance systems.
  • In Brazil, 35% of our suppliers of raw materials and primary/secondary packaging have quality assurance systems.
  • In Central America we maintain supplier development programs.

Our goal is to have 100% of our suppliers’
processing plants certified under some
GFSI-backed quality assurance system
by the year 2021.

Furthermore, we support the efforts of SMEs to continue their development, through the Mexican Center for Competitiveness, enabling them to connect with larger corporations in Mexico and expand their businesses.

In 2017, 160 SMEs in our supply chain enrolled in consulting programs and specialization courses given by major companies affiliated with that organization.


We have compliance processes that ensure that 100% of our products meet applicable labeling regulations.

Every health claim or statement about the benefit of our products are submitted to a rigorous process of verification by our legal and compliance teams

Certifications and Recognitions


we obtained 34 certificates for export to Guatemala and 8 for Costa Rica.

19 certifications for the Irapuato Dairy Product factory, 5 for the Torreón Dairy Product factory, 1 for the Veracruz factory and 7 in process for the Aguascalientes factory.

We have 123 certificates in effect for the period from May 30, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

We have this certification for 13 factories in Mexico, 1 in Nicaragua and 3 in the United States.

We obtained certification for our factory in San Ramón, Costa Rica

PROFEPA certification for our Aguascalientes and Tecate factories.

Our sustainable commitment encompassed our entire value chain, so we require this certification from our suppliers of palm oil.


For the fifth year in a row, the Mexican Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) recognized us for our excellent environmental performance in reducing contaminating emissions and continuous improvement of our fleet.

  • National Highway Safety Prize: Complying with the highest standards, Grupo Lala obtained this distinction for the fourth year in a row.
  • Annual Highway Safety Contest: 46 employees were recognized for their results and high performance in 2017.

for the fourteenth year in a row. We obtained the Socially Responsible Company distinction.

Lala is 55th in the ranking of Mexico’s 500 largest companies working for policies on integrity.

the Red de Vinculación Laboral para Personas con Discapacidad de La Laguna recognized Lala for its workplace inclusiveness program.

Recognized Lala for its workplace inclusiveness program at the Laguna Complex.

We were named Vendor of the Year in 2017 for our solid results, differentiated offering and implementation of new processes to benefit customers. We also won in the category of Food and Special divisions, for our sales growth.